Monday, December 14, 2009

Linda Angel 1958-2009

I was all set to write a post full of funny anecdotes about the road trip and festival,  and then I opened my inbox and found out that Linda died.  I'm dealing with waves of gratefulness that she was part of my life and grief that she is no longer.  I can't seem to compose anything worth writing.  I'm too flooded with memories.

This is Linda. 

And because I can't think of her without laughter, here is one of our favorite office videos. 
Linda, like no one else, could do an imitation of Eddie Murphy doing an imitation of James Brown in the hot tub.

In life and death, I love you.  

Sunday, December 6, 2009

happy day

Provided all goes as planned- January 2nd, this will be new home.
("this" meaning the flat on top of the fish and chips shops in the pic).

As some of you know, I've been in the market for a new flat for the past few weeks.  My cousin's girlfriend is moving into the place I'm in now, and they want the place to themselves (which is fair enough), so I've been looking for another option.  I was pretty set on a place in Paddington and then at the last minute it fell through.  I had met one of the flatmates, it seemed like a sure thing, but then after I met the other flatmate I got the voicemail that they were going with another person.  They told me they flipped a coin but I have feeling that flatmate number 2 wasn't my biggest fan.  Anyway, it doesn't really matter; the bottom line is- that place was off the table.  So today, I went to look at a place in Surry Hills, and by the time I got back home from seeing the place, I had a message on my phone that if I wanted it, it was mine. YAY!   It's a 2 bedroom apartment on top of a fish and chips shop (no smell, though).  Surry Hills is fantastic- lots of cafes, restaurants, pubs, trees- has all the convenience you want but also feels neighbourhoody.  The flat itself has a lot of light and good breezes coming through.  It's painted a pretty awful colour and could do with some more stuff on the walls but my flatmate (Jess) seems fine with putting up some of my stuff.  My room has no windows but a skylight so it gets good light and fresh air.  Provided all goes as planned, I'll be moving in the first week of January.  

Anyway, it was a big day as earlier in the morning I swam the Bondi to Bronte Ocean swim race.  2.5 k.  It went fairly quickly and I think I made good time (maybe even 45 min?), but there was a moment at the end that I really thought I might die.  I was closer into the shore than I thought and I got dumped by an enormous wave and was under the water holding my breath, exhausted, and just waiting for the wave to stop rushing over my head.  I wasn't sure I was going to make it.  But I did.  Only to fall on my ass in front of a good thousand people, as I got out of the water.  They make you RUN to the finish line and my legs were still feeling wobbly-- I looked behind me and saw this massive wave coming in.  Next thing I knew, I was flat on my ass. 

Tomorrow I head on a plane down to Melbourne for 4 days of camping/hiking around the national parks followed by 3 days of music here.  Be jealous.  It should be awesome.  

Have I told you before I love summer in Sydney??  If you don't live here, you should come visit.  My place is open anytime. 

Love, Tamara