Sunday, February 7, 2010

January 28th

This is Tillie in her favorite spot in the house, looking out the window, keeping tabs on the world.  Tillie barked a lot, growled a lot, and scared a lot of my friends.  She was also so smart that she could open a lock and jump a 5 foot fence.  She loved long walks, only liked to swim in the scummiest, dirtiest water, and was a master at getting all the peanut butter out of the kong toy.  She and her friend Oliver used to patrol the neighborhood together.  Sometimes they'd pretend to go for a drive in the car, Oliver in the drivers seat, Tillie navigating from the passenger seat.  Tillie gave lots and lots of love to the people she loved.  No dog could have been more loyal.  Tillie, we miss you.  

This is a glacier at the top of Avalanche Peak in Arthurs Pass, New Zealand.  You can see it after hiking up 1800 meters of the steepest, most difficult walk I have ever done.  So.  Friggin.  Awesome.  As was spending the following day relaxing in a waterfall, reading my book, and going swimming.  It might just have been the best birthday ever.  (Ok I take it back.  Maggie and Kai and Leigh decorating my house and putting balloons in the toilet was still and probably will always be the best birthday ever).  

This is what I have been up to lately.  You?