Sunday, March 14, 2010

slowly but surely...

...i'm posting my photos from this summer's trips.
These are photos from my December trip around the state of Victoria (that's the state that Melbourne is in...) with my cousin Lucie.  Highlights included meeting a friendly wallaby, getting bogged in the sand and having to literally crawl under the car in order to dig out (and then realizing that all we really had to do was use our mobile phones and call a ranger), and rocking out at Meredith Music Festival.  There was also plenty of hiking, camping, and darning of sweaters.  It was a great trip.


Love, Tamara

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Wing Off

What's that saying?  If you can't bring the mountain to Mohammad, you gotta bring Mohammad to the mountain.  Or something like that... Well, in Australia they don't have buffalo wings.  "What???", you say, "How can this be?"  Well, I and some fellow Americans said the same thing.  And from there grew the Bourke Street Buffalo Wing and Board Game Belated Birthday Bash- a chance to celebrate a new home, a belated birthday, play some balderdash, and take part in the infamous Wing Off.  Who can make the best wings in country that has never heard of Franks hot sauce??

I won't reveal my secret recipe, but it looks something like this:

My wings didn't take home the top prize (even if they were the best), but the party was such a success that I think I'm going to host it on a monthly basis.  Before you know it, buffalo wings will be in every household in Australia!