Monday, May 18, 2009

For those of you not on facebook

I just finished knitting and blocking this scarf.  Thank you Nora Gaughan.  I'm so happy with the way it turned out.

More photos and a short update

Here are more photos from the rest of the weekend with the cousins.  It was such a wonderful time to all be together- lots and lots of laughs.  I wish we could do it more often.  The great goulston first cousin get together is in the works- Molly, Jeff, James, Tali, Gilad, Sam, Ben, Ben, Amelia, Joe, Lucie, May-- you better be there!  Tasmania, perhaps?

For once, everything seems to be going well.  As most (all?) of you know, I got accepted to graduate school at UNSW.  The program starts in the end of July and I'll be studying for a Masters in urban planning.  It feels great to have a plan for the next year and a half- to have a set time that I've committed to being in Sydney and (potentially) a set time for when I'll be coming home.  I feel more grounded than I have in ages and grateful that I had almost a year to figure out my next steps in life.   

My plan is to fit in a trip to the US before grad school starts-- end of June to the middle of July-- Mark your calendars!  (I should be buying tickets this week...)  Aside from seeing as many of you as possible individually, I think I'm going to try to arrange a night a a bar to all get together.  Any suggestions of a good place to meet in the city?  Say on a sunday afternoon, close to the Subway, easy to get to from any of the boroughs and Westchester.  Half my time will be spent in NY and I'll head up to Maine for the other half.

Sydney is transitioning into winter.  The days getting colder and shorter.  No more swimming outside.  I'm nursing a wicked cold and am missing my collection of sweaters (they're in the back of a closet in my parents house and will be collected on my trip home).  Life here is getting easier as I slowly make friends.  The constant stream of out of town visitors helps as well.  Becca and Erica come on Wednesday- fantastic!

Lots of love,

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

more photos up on flickr.  Amelia came to visit from London and Joe and Luc came up from Melbourne.  We all got together at Anna and Matt's in Bondi for a cousins' afternoon.  Lots of laughs!

The day ended with Joe, Lucie, and I carrying a very very heavy couch around the corner from my house.  Three days later and my arm has finally (mostly recovered).

I have more photos to come but my internet is slow so will probably be another few weeks before they're uploaded.

love, tamara