Friday, June 5, 2009

Aussie Trips

Becca and Erica come to visit me in Sydney!  Photos are up!

We had two short trips while they were here.  In their first week, we went to Gill and Andy's place in Winda Woppa.  I felt so lucky to be able to share such a wonderful place with my friends.  Winda Woppa is one of my favorite places in Australia.  Gill and Andy make their home feel so open and welcoming (even when they're not there!) and it's such an amazing feeling to wake up in the morning, pop on your swimmers, and head across the street for a dip in the ocean.  Becca and Erica went bike riding and swimming.  I mostly stayed in and worked.  Now I understand why writers head out on retreats to get stuff done.  It was a wonderful way to work.

Then we were back in Sydney for a few days before we headed out to the Blue Mountains.  1 1/2 hours away from Sydney and you're in a totally new world.  I can't believe I had never been out there before.  We went on two of the most beautiful hikes I've ever done.  After my trip to the US, I'm planning on figuring out how to join conservation volunteers and get some free "working" trips to the area.  It was just amazing.

Enjoy the photos, folks.  

Lots of love,