Sunday, October 25, 2009

jacarandas and terraces: spring in sydney

view from Trumper Park, on a rainy spring day.  one of my favorite spots in sydney.  especially when the jacarandas are in bloom.

Friday, October 23, 2009


I think I finally got the photo thing working....  Anyway, here's an update on the garden:


looking good, eh?

I'm not really sure when to pick the zucchini.  Any tips?

Love, Tamara

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

for darcy....

and for Steph, too.  I think you two might be the only ones left reading my blog.  Anyway, Darcy asked that I be better at updating because apparently talking to me once a day online isn't enough to really get a feel for my life.  hehe.

So here I am sailing on the Harbour...
Actually, not.  With the new photo editer, I can't upload photos and write at the same time and it takes forever (like a good 15 minutes) for me to upload photos onto blogger.  Steph, do you know any blogger tricks that will allow me to keep writing while the uploader does it's thing?

For now, you'll just have to see my photos on facebook or wait until I upload them to flickr.  Sorry.

The story is that last Saturday I decided to do some in-depth experiential research for my paper on Plum Creek and Moosehead Lake, so I took some friends up on the offer of going sailing on the Harbour.  Beautiful day + warm weather = perfect research setting.  We left from Greenwich, sailed under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, past the Opera House, and over to Watsons Bay for a swim and a bbq.  mmmm kangaroo meat mmmm.  We got back to Greenwich in time for me to find out that some asshole with no imagination or driving skills had decided that I parked him in and called the cops.  In the process he freaked out my cousins whose car I had borrowed and who thought that I had gotten kidnapped and was lying tied up in my apartment while the criminal made up off with the car.  All was put right in the end when the cops came, saw the car, and decided that the guy was just an idiot.  By the time I got back, my cousins were laughing about the whole thing and the guy was more bitter than ever.  Let's just say it was an interesting end to the day.

Today's my last day of uni for the year- although, I still have quite a few assignments to hand in.  A big celebration will be in order when this is all over.  For now, I'm off to the library.

Love you!!